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Bridge the Gap
Between Culture and Language

Accurate language interpretation is a critical component of working with Spanish-speaking immigrants and refugees within Northwest Ohio.  

Providing the Tools You Need to Express Yourself Effectively

With so many new members to our society, relaying accurate information and achieving cultural competency are vital. Unfortunately, language barriers are preventing many English speakers from adequately serving their customers in Spanish.


Interpreters bond two worlds that otherwise wouldn't have been connected -- the communicator and the listener. Awilda Almanzar is a professional Spanish interpreter focused on bridging gaps between culture and language, enabling organizations properly to serve those in need.



Attending appointments, meetings, or interviews as a Spanish-speaking member of an English-speaking community can be scary or overwhelming. Differences between dialects, body language, phrases, and other subtle inflections can create stress and tension when communicating with someone who uses another language.

There’s no need to risk receiving inaccurate information. 

Homework Help






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The Interpretation Process

Language barriers stand in the way of effective and authentic communication between Spanish-speaking visitors, patients, customers, and students.


Go beyond such hindrances in today’s globalized world with our Spanish interpreting services.

Advocate for yourself or your loved one by utilizing in-person or digital interpretation services.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation or begin your Spanish interpretation, translation or education services. 

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