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As an immigrant herself, Awilda grew up in the Dominican Republic and moved to Ohio in 2018.

Upon her arrival, she knew very little English and was surprised by the lack of translation and interpretation services available to Spanish-speaking residents in Toledo.


When Awilda became fluent in English, she began interpreting at doctors’ appointments, schools, and immigration interviews to help others and influence positive change in the local Hispanic community.

Outside of interpreting, Awilda has three children and her hobbies include cooking, shopping with her daughters, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with her family.


To learn more about Awilda Almanzar and Voice of my Roots, contact her today to schedule your initial consultation appointment.

“I know the struggle and I needed when first coming to this country. Since I understand what my clients have been through, I value their voices, and want them to know they can trust me to help them with their needs.”
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