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Available Services

Close the linguistic gap with effective Spanish interpreting services.

We provide incredibly effective interpreting services that meet the standard of excellence. Our Spanish interpreting services are provided by a professionally qualified interpreter who knows the language like the back of her hand. Awilda is well-aware of the challenges that crop up while conducting training programs for overseas employees or negotiating business deals. This is why she created an all-inclusive set of Spanish interpreting services that are suitable for any kind of environment. From making a medical appointment to a court disposition, you can trust our services at all times.

Our collection of interpreting services includes the following:

English and Spanish Classes

Whether you are looking for Spanish to English or English to Spanish interpreting, Voice of my Roots has the capability to provide excellent services. Awilda is fluent in both languages and can interpret the most complex pieces of communication for everyone to understand.

Private Tutoring

Take advantage of an authentic Spanish- speaking tutor who provides private sessions to those keen on learning the language. Sign up for classes before hosting your conference or event to achieve eloquence in your speech and improve the effectiveness of your training.

In-Person and Digital Interpretation Services

At Voice of my Roots, our in-person and digital interpretation services are provided in real-time and are highly specialized to meet the dynamic needs of people. Our services are available online—something that narrows down the geographical gap between our clients and us.


Spanish Interpreting Services

We provide Spanish interpreting services in the following fields:

Medical Appointments

If you are a non-English or a Spanish speaker and looking for medical attention that is not in your native language, you can reach out to us. We provide medical interpreting services in both English and Spanish so that you can equip yourself with the words that would best explain your ailments to a medical professional.

Immigration Interviews

We understand that your foreign language interpreter has to be well-versed with critical legal terminology to support you in your immigration interview. As a skilled interpreter, Awilda is able to leverage her knowledge, skills, and capabilities to facilitate conversation and advocate for you or a loved one.


Business Interpreting

Our business interpreting services include all your international conferences and multilingual events where English and Spanish are mediums of communication. We also aid businesses in conducting training in Spanish to be able to cater to the needs of overseas employees.

Educational Courses and Activities

You can approach us at Voice of Roots if you are looking for Spanish interpreters for your educational courses. Our document translation services come in handy if you wish to translate anything from Spanish to English or English to Spanish.




Future Services

Official Document Translations and Spanish Notary

In the near future, we’re planning to provide Spanish to English and English to Spanish document translation services to a wide range of business professionals and Spanish-speaking citizens.


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