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Spanish Interpretation Process

Interpreters work in a variety of industries and settings. From hospitals to multinational manufacturing, they support businesses of all kinds and guarantee that your message is conveyed accurately. 

Individual Clients

If you’re seeking help on a one-on-one basis as an individual client, we ask that you fill out a form with your basic contact information so we’re able to reach out and set up an initial consultation appointment. 

During our first conversation, we start off with a basic phone call to answer any questions the client may have and how Awilda can provide assistance. 

Once that brief call has been completed, we schedule a second meeting to discuss specific details around the services they need and the pricing of the project. 

Business Interpretation Services

For bigger companies, the initial discovery process is very similar to the individual client conversation. However, with a business agreement, a contract must be signed prior to moving forward with VOMR interpreting services. 

We’ll be in touch right away to ask a few questions about the nature of your interpreting needs. From there, you’ll be provided with a copy of our terms of service for review and signature.

For questions or to begin the onboarding process, please complete the form below

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